CERO Extreme Duty Lights HD - 16


       The HD-16 is able to handle extreme vibration levels thanks to

       its  solid  construction  and  perfectly balanced trunnion mount

       with  integrated high frequency isolators that damp harmonics.




CERO Extreme Duty Lights XD - 16

       The XD-16 was designed with exactly one purpose in mind,

        to thrive in environments that would destroy anything else.





CERO Extreme Duty Lights HD - 80

        The HD-80 is the most reliable, powerful, and efficient LED flood light.

        Where Productivity is critical, this lamp is extremely valuable.





CERO Extreme Duty Lights HD - 32

        The HD-32 is a high-vibraton flood light for applications that see little to no air flow.

         It features dual-zone digital thermal management to separately monitor and cool the

         left and right sides independently.




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