Safety Solutions

Daletec is the trusted Norwegian producer of flame retardant fabrics for clothing that protects against heat and flames, electrical arc and hot metal splash. We have pioneered unique processes and specialized FR treatments for more than 40 years, including impregnations, laminations, special coatings and other innovative FR technologies.


With its products in use by firefighter in over 110 countries BRISTOL can confidently claim to be a global leader in the design, specifying and manufacture of firefighter personal protective equipment (PPE).


CSE Corporation is a company that designs, manufacturers and services safety products used by   mine workers and non-mine personnel. We are committed to delivering worldwide service to our clients – bringing to them the latest in technology and unmatched product support and knowledge.


Born of space exploration, Biomarine has its roots from the development of life support systems for the moon missions. That cutting-edge technology continues today with Biomarine and its closed-circuit SCBA, the BioPak 240R. Biomarine designs and manufactures closed-cicuit SCBA products for specialized and elite rescue teams around the world.

At Skull Bucket®,  we keep it simple. Rise early,  work hard and do it better. Our company stands on a rich tradition of timber men who cultivated the earth and others who protected it. We have grime under our fingernails, sweat on our  brows and stand  firm where others falter.  We are the exception, not the rule, and our products are no different.


Norguard Industries Inc. is a leading designer and manufacturer of fall protection equipment. For the past 20 years, we have ensured continuous improvements and investments to provide the most comprehensive and modern range of fall protection equipment, supported by the highest levels of services within our industry.

HexArmor gloves are constructed with superior and proven materials and technology. The Foundation of HexArmor Oil & Gas Gloves is our proprietary SuperFabric. The Innovative configuration of SuperFabric provides resistance to lacerations, punctures and slashes like no other material in the industry today.


Established in 1947, Paulson Manufacturing, located in Temecula, California, USA initially provided safety goggles for motor sports. Meanwhile, Paulson Manufacturing develops, manufactures and distributes for 70 years Industrial, Fire and Tactical Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), protecting industry, fire fighting, military, police and penitentiary personnel worldwide.

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