System Solution

Global LED Lighting Solutions (GLLS) is a global supplier of Industrial grade LED lighting solutions and is committed to developing and supplying high quality x-GLO LED lighting products and systems that have been purpose developed since 2011 for installation in mining, tunnelling, oil and gas and other industrial applications.


PTLX Global™ specializes exclusively in Heavy- Industry LED lighting solutions, so we know how  to bring the best  of its technology to heavy-duty applications. We offer  the best LED solutions available for heavy  industry, covering applications  from  145 foot  High  masts, to lighting  50 acre  Industrial  yards, lighting  engine  rooms  and  Marine vessels, to building custom Paving arms applications for Construction companies.


Cero System is a USA based company with corporate headquarters in Orem, Utah. Formed in 2009 with the sole intent of providing the best products and customer service possible, Cero has LED the LED lightning revolution through advance electronic and mechanical engineering.

All over the world, Orlaco  is broadening  the horizons of drivers, machinists, operators,and emergency service workers. Within our vision, optimum vision around vehicles and vessels is a matter of course, and blind spots are a thing of the past.


At Norphonic, we produce Heavy Duty VoIP Telephones for emergency and industrial areas. Our vision is based on a unified and consistent approach to delivering products that can interface with other  communication systems, there by reducing costs and eliminating inefficiencies of using proprietary and non-reusable solutions.





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