Mechanix Wear ORHD Knit Utility

                      Gain more control during oil and gas drilling operations without sacrificing

                      impact protection with the flexible ORHD® Knit Utility.




                       Mechanix Wear ORHD Knit Utility.pdf

Mechanix Wear ORHD Knit CR5

                      The ORHD® Knit CR5 reduces risk on the rig by delivering cut resistance

                      and critical impact protection to working hands.




                      Mechanix Wear ORHD Knit CR5.pdf

Mechanix Wear M-Pact ORHD SHD-91

                      Be prepared for everything.  Originally designed for work on oil rigs and platforms,

                      the Safety M-Pact® ORHD is rugged enough to handle the most difficult tasks.




                     Mechanix Wear M-Pact ORHD SHD-91.pdf

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