Commonly called an Emergency Escape Breathing Device (EEBD) or a Self-

        Contained  Self-Rescuer (SCSR), the SRLD is the smallest and lightest one-

        hour belt wearable SCSR  available  today.  The SRLD  is  not  a  traditional

        oxygen  tank - it utilizes technology  used by space agencies   to chemically

        generate oxygen  while also removing carbon dioxide from a   user’s breath.

        It  is  designed  to  be carried  every  day  or s tored away for up to 10 years

                                                                   without   maintenance.   The  SRLD   can  be  used in  applications such  as,

                                                                   mining  /  tunneling,   industrial  plants,   underground  utilities,    government

                                                                   buildings, or even panic rooms.


              SRLD Inspection Manual.pdf                                                          SRLD User Instruction.pdf                                                         SRLD Training manual.pdf

              SRLD Welcome Manual.pdf                                                            SRLD Technical Brochure.pdf                                                   Breathing Apparatus Ordering Guide.pdf  

              FYI - SRLD Temperature Indicators.pdf                                         FYI - SRLD Donning Training Information.pdf                       FYI - Don't Get Stuck with the Wrong Pouch.pdf 

              PDS - SRLD.pdf


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